Client Spotlight Stories

woman owned rosy's tuxedo

Rosy’s Tuxedos

Business ownership can come into fruition through a variety of different pathways. For Rosa Resendez this was the case when she became the owner of a wedding dress and tuxedo shop in 2008. In March of 2020, everything Rosa had been working towards took a turn in an unexpected way. Thankfully, she was able to connect to Prestamos from which she was able to receive grants to help with rent along with being... Read More

Let’s Scale

Like any good entrepreneur, being able to sit and think about where there was a gap to fill allowed Saul to seek out expertise and help to ensure the full success of his business. Saul was connected to the programs at Prestamos by a trusted industry colleague. Through the SBA program at Prestamos, Saul was able to take advantage of their loan services, but further, what he really appreciates about Prestamos is... Read More
Barra Maria feature

Barra Maria

Creating a legacy and tradition through a 20 year old family business is what motivates Maria Gonzalez everyday as a business owner. While she may not have originally started Old Town Juan Transportation Services, the idea of being able to work hand in hand with her father to continue growing his vision brings Maria unmatched joy. While the 20 years have not been a walk in the park for the business, Maria still... Read More

Rebeca Camargo Arizona

Talking of money and finances can be a difficult conversation for people to have, sometimes more so with their own families and loved ones. The taboo surrounding talks of money and financial knowledge is due to the lack of resources and understanding of personal finances. Rebeca Camargo, an independent certified financial consultant, understands first hand how that lack of understanding can have profound impacts... Read More

Abyssinian Style

Having an entrepreneurial spirit is something that is ingrained deep in the spirit of a person. It is a passion and drive to pour your soul into an idea. For Abdullah Zaki, this passion is what drove him to open Abyssinian Style, a cultural hub for fragrances and aromas located in Tucson, Arizona. What started as a stand at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet, became a fully operational storefront located in the heart of Tucson in 2020. Read More

Raul’s Cocina

The three ingredients that have made Raul’s Cocina a success are family, tradition and love. Raul’s Cocina, a local vegan Mexican food restaurant in Phoenix, is rooted in history & the bond of family. Anna “Salsa” Salazar, owner of Raul’s Cocina, spent the majority of her childhood in the kitchens of her nana (grandmother) and tias (aunts). The aromas, rhythmic noises of pots and pans all sparked feelings of joy and happiness... Read More