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cyber security

Did you know, someone can hack your cellphone through your chargers and you would never know it! Any 4th grader these days can go to eBay or and purchase what is called an OMG Cable for less than $140. The cable looks exactly like an innocent phone charger but the hacker can remotely execute malicious code on your phone. Anything you can do to your phone they can too. For example, if you turn on your camera or record your voice, they can too. If you can send or read your text messages or emails, they can too. If you can make or receive phones calls from your phone, so can they. Downloading your images, tracking your location, stealing your passwords and banking information are all possible too. You are probably now asking yourself how you can know if the charger you are using at home or in the office is one of these OMG Cables.

You might think, well one has to know how to program or code and be very technical to use these, right? Actually, this can be done easier than you think. Just by going to YouTube, you can type in “OMG Cable Hacking Tutorial” and you will see thousands of videos showing you step by step instructions to hack anyone’s phone. In reality anyone who is looking to hack into phones can easily do so by slipping you a cable or somehow replacing your cable. These hackers can go as far as replacing a shipment of cables from unknowing or sometimes knowing sellers with OMG Cables. There is even risk in borrowing someones charger.

Beyond cellphones, did you know virtually anyone can also hack your WiFi without much effort? If they purchase a device like WiFi Pineapple, which is legally sold online, anyone can hack into your WiFi. Once the intruder is inside your network they can see what website you are visiting, read your private emails, steal your passwords, and so much more. If you happen to own a business you have even more to lose. You can search YouTube for “WiFi Pineapple Hacking Tutorial” and you will be shocked how many results you will find. The worst part is that small business owners are often the most targeted for these types of hacks.

In addition to the above, there are many password-cracking tools and guessing someone’s most difficult password could take less than 4 minutes with basic apps. For example, you can find videos on YouTube and articles through Google about how to hack someone’s passwords to social media, email and other sites. 

Now the big question becomes: “…so what can I do? How can we protect ourselves?” This is where we come in. The Prestamos Technical Assistance team has the capability of coaching you through how to stay safer and more private from prying eyes while you are using technology. Reach out to us today and let us help you and your business because the online world is full of unpleasant surprises. As long as we do nothing to protect ourselves while online, and keep pretending that it is other’s responsibilities to protect us, we will be vulnerable and it is only a matter of time before we are the next victim. With tens of millions of attacks and threats daily, we have to understand this is only a matter of odds and time before we are the next victim.

Here is a live Cyber Threat Map that doesn’t capture all attacks but at least it will give you and idea of the size of the problem. Take a look and reach out to us at Prestamos to see how we can assist you.