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Force Majeure and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

SBA Disaster Relief Funding process flow - check declarations-apply-check status

SBA Disaster Relief Funding

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Facebook Grants for COVID-19

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JPMorgan Chase Makes Philanthropic Investment

COVID19 business questions-answers

CPLC Prestamos Supporting Local Business (COVID-19)

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Chicanos Por La Causa’s highest priority is the health and safety (COVID-19)

A message from David Adame
President & CEO of Chicanos Por La Causa.


An elevator pitch can help you build your confidence in business settings and provide you with the tools you need to introduce yourself and clearly talk about your business, goals, and skills. Take the time to perfect your elevator pitch and give yourself the flexibility to adjust as needed. When your pitch is done right, you can leverage it to help introduce yourself to business connections or potential partners in a compelling way.


Whether you’ve been in business for 6 months or 15 years, marketing your business is necessary in order to get customers through the door. The time to think about your marketing strategy is always and should be revisited often. Writing out your marketing plan is a great way to help keep you on track and is also useful to keep you accountable. You should also update your marketing plan every year to make sure that your strategies are fresh and effective.


How many times have you or your customers skipped out on a purchase because the business only accepted cash? Many people no longer carry cash and rely solely on their credit cards be it for convenience, safety, or preference. When small businesses accept credit card payments, it can help increase sales, improve cash flow, and help simplify accounting. Yet many small businesses opt for being cash only for the convenience and cost savings to their business.

De-Stress That Tax Time Stress With These Tips

Taxes, the word alone makes most people shudder and induces anxiety. While taxes may often take a back seat to the million things small business owners have to do to keep their business afloat, it is imperative that finances and taxes move to the passenger seat to make it a smoother ride. Planning ahead and implementing some strong strategies year-round can be the difference between more profit for you and your business versus a higher tax bill.